Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal Lost Poems

Moon Lost

My moos is completely lost,
I don’t know at what cost,
But it is likely and most,
He is frozen like frost,

You All Get Lost

“You all get lost “I blasted the friends,
'You all have robbed me” in the ends,
'Why could I not smell your presence?
'Was that not the necessity or essence?

My Daughter Is Lost-Rimple Soni

My daughter is lost-Rimple Soni
Sunday,6th June 2021

Corona has taken a heavy toll

Paradise Lost

Paradise lost
Wednesday,4th August 2021

Hell and heaven

Lost Paradise

Lost paradise
Wednesday,16th June 2021

One paradise is lost

Lost Means

Lost means

Life shall never be restored
As it is taken away and stored

Lost Ground

Lost ground

Let us be very clear
Let old people not bear

Lost Chance

Yes window may bring in
With melody to sing
The birds may chirp on branches
To make it beautiful on every inches

Love Lost Chance

Love lost chance

Even though you gave me shock
My patience did not run out of stock

Lost Time

Lost time

Love to live
And believe

Lost Homes

I am totally disturbed
Unhappy and saddened
About recent happenings
And world over killings

Lost In Eyes

I spoke her my mind
As she proved very kind
Why am I lost in beautiful eyes?
I go up to end and explain why

Lost In

Who gets lost in crowd?
A person who speaks no loud
A person who is always mild
But not always blind

Lost Messages

I find helping hands
Calling for friends
To serve up to an end
With noble ideas and rend

Humanity Is Lost

Humanity is lost
At tremendous cost
Good mentality is dead
We have failed to read

Lost Heaven

I lost heaven
By my own folly and creation
The problem was brewing
It was totally shut for viewing

Lost Are Ways

Never ignore
But explore
Ways to love
And believe

Act Before It Is Lost

Can lame scale the highest peak?
If God is pleased, even if he is weak
When mentally retarded can understand and speak?
You can retain your position even if others try to break

Lost Link

Lost link
Wednesday,27th February 2019

Where are you my heart queen?

Lost Lives… Old Year 2016

Lost lives… old year 2016

Old year shall depart
It was so dear and remained our part

Lost Period

Lost period

Sunday, December 24,2017
6: 03 AM

Lost Faith

Lost faith
Thursday,14th Oct 2021

I saw lightning star broken

Lost At Cost

Lost at cost

I get no where
And dare

We Have Lost

We have lost the body and soul
In every aspect it is smelt as foul
Where two square meals is reality!
The struggle has lost its teeth and quality

I Am Lost

I am totally lost and gone for ever
I need some shelter and cover
I am running with heat but not in fever
I am not aware of it but still to think over

The Lost Ground

Nothing has been defined
It is all we assume and try to shine
This is correct way of dealing
The wound may need some kind of healing

Lost In Crowd

It is like to be lost in crowd
You have voice and concern but can not speak loud
You have no reason to be unfair and feel proud
But certainly she has point to prove and feel good

Lost And Forgotten

Why are we so helpless and fear death?
It scares me even with idea of laying wreath?
What sort of sad scene to send tears down!
Person may be altogether lost and forgotten

Lost Or Won

Saddest songs
To prove our acts wrong
Life is not pleasure
No one is pretty sure

Lost From

Lost from

Had we been selfish?
And self centered to wish

As Not Lost

As not lost

It speaks a lot
When attention is caught

Lost In Childhood

Man doesn’t stop acting like child
Basically an animal but at heart very mild
Get all the excitations when see a small kid
Start feelings of an infant and try to lead

Lost Chance Again

Lost chance

Gives you shock

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