Golden Buddha In The Jungle Poem by Tilly BoescheZacharow

Golden Buddha In The Jungle

On my way to Kanchanabury
To the dead of World War II -
no matter which nation nor race:

Here is where they fought,
here is where they died
finally becoming victims themselves -
Now the jungle rustles anew,
aisles closed again
and tourists roll along on the roads,
they themselves also fighting
with pleasant shivers fancying
the blood and dead bodies they ride on.

The green of the branches swaying in the wind
exposes the Gold of the Buddha, sitting here enthroned.
As he looks into the world with empty eyes
over the dead and the living alike.

His eternal smile saying:
He is just a stone coated with gold!

(Translated by German poet Rainer Strobelt,
Voice plus music: Max Berghaus)

Goldener Buddha im Dschungel

Auf dem Weg nach Kanchanabury
Den Toten des 2. Welrkrieges-
gleich welcher Nation oder Rasse:

Hier haben sie gekämpft,
hier haben sie getötet
und wurden schließlich selber Opfer -
Jetzt rauscht der Urwald wieder,
die Schneisen sind geschlossen
und Touristen rollen über die Straßen
und kämpfen auch,
mit angenehmen Schauern beim Gedanken,
über Blut und tote Leiber wegzufahren.

Das Grün der Bäume zeigt beim Wehen seiner Äste
Das Gold des Buddhas, der hier thront.
Er sieht mit leeren Augen in die Welt,
hinweg über all die Toten und die Lebenden.

Es bezeugt sein ew´ges Lächeln:
Er ist nur goldüberzog´ner Stein!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: war and peace
Kelly Kurt 02 August 2016

A superb poem with a very enjoyable voice file. Thank you, Tilly Peace

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 29 June 2016

Yes, only Buddha's discourses are in live form today, to take us to the destination, along the tenfold noble path he has laid down for us with loving kindness, and compassion, while any statue, even if it is painted with gold, is only a subject that will succumb to the same eventualities as shown by the doctrine Buddha discoursed to the world on non-permanency, selflessness and painfulness of things,2600 odd years before. However, it is only the individual has the absolute freedom to decide whether to take that path or a different one. It's quite inspiring and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

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