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In Rio de Janeiro

I found you helpless tree -
swaying and dancing in wind,

(in reference to G.E.Lessing, Nathan the Wise)

What a wonderful man -
fine, generous and wise,

I listened within myself
and heard the sounds of bells.
On wings of birds
and shining gleam

Stars are hanging
like glistening pearls
at the bosom of heaven.
The coat of the night

On my way to Kanchanabury
To the dead of World War II -
no matter which nation nor race:

Two birds
are fluttering through my mind:
a black raven and a white dove.
The black was ruling

The guests were talking at a feast
and between the dances
let loose their wit.

Since at night
he believed in the morning,
they caught him, executed him.


A lot would already be won

To have a prayer
I went into the church
and shut the door
behind me

If you came
deformed, a cripple,
I would hasten to open my door
to let you in.

Retain me as light
for the gloomiest hour.
Retain me as dream
in the cold of the world.

I was light
and myself, I felt sun.
I went in the  world
and wished to instill warmth,

A heavy load
did the Jew take upon himself
when he was banned from his country.
Not on his shoulders, not with the hands,

I cut stones for a hundred hours …
They sparkle, they glitter.
Tears running from my eyes.
They give me my pay at last.

Here - mother, for your sleeping children,
bedded on newspaper - -
ten baht for a bowl full of rice,
so they can see the morning.

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In Rio De Janeiro

In Rio de Janeiro

I found you helpless tree -
swaying and dancing in wind,
all the branches full of dreams
I could see
and many drops of dew of them.

When I saw you again
you were without life and destroyed -
GOD in heaven, what happened to you,
which frost has withered you?

(Translation from German by Werner Manheim, USA;
Voice: Max Berghaus, Music: Jürgen Wagner, Germany)

In Rio de Janeiro

Ich fand dich, hilfloses Bäumchen,
wiegend und tanzend im Wind.
Aus deinen Zweigen wie Träumchen
glitten die Tropfen so lind.

Als ich dich wiedergesehn
Warst du leblos und völlig zerstört
Gott im Himmel, was ist dir geschehn,
welch Frost hat dich so zerstört?

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