Gone Astray Poem by Cassy Taberna

Gone Astray

Rating: 4.5

Sharp rocks await ready to devourer her along the riverbank
Yet she dares to stubble among them
Half blinded by the pouring rain
She stumbles down the slippery bank
She tugs on, pushing herself in despair
The wind flows against her
Yet she does not turn around
With every horrifying blow of the wind
Her balance is lost
Eventually she can't take it anymore
Like a fallen tree, she plunges into the river
The swift current takes her underwater
She struggles and struggles to get to the surface
Lungs burning to no end for air
The more she fights
The deeper she sinks into the darkness
Her strength is failing
She can't take it anymore
All hope is lost
She is ready to give up
To let the tide sweep her into eternal darkness

Away from the world
Away from her troubles
Everything she struggles with
Is now drowning her
Wanting to take her life
Slowly darkness closes in as she sinks deeper and deeper

Just when she thought her life was over
Just when she was ready to give it all up

Something grasps her hand
A hand smooth with love
A strengthen had with power
As she is ready to take her last breathe to death
She finds herself taking the breath of life

She is pulled out of death and darkness
Into a new life
As she was pulled out of the water
Her weight of troubles was left behind

The warm strong arms take hold of her and carry her
Before she knows it, she is lay upon the bridge
Upon the path she had wondered off
Opening her eyes, she sees no one
She never saw her Savior
But she feels Him
Down the path the storm is clearing up with sunshine breaking through
She heads down the path seeking her Savior
Over the horizon she sees the storm clearing
She heads towards it knowing that's where she will find her Savior

Jazib Kamalvi 28 February 2018

A refined poetic imagination, Cassy. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.

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Cassy Taberna

Cassy Taberna

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