I Sat On A Pot Poem by Cassy Taberna

I Sat On A Pot

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I sat on a pot
I knew not why

I sat on a pot
Two feet high

I was told I would get a pony
With miss understanding
I got a phony

Gold Flower 26 June 2007

If this really happened to you, then I could see your REAL pain! But if it didn't, I could still see where the pain came! I liked the way that you wrote it! It had so many details to it! When I read it in my head, it sounded so...... creative!

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Mask Hernandez 03 July 2007

I also like this one it means so much keep it up your doing so well Rolando

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Ana Monnar 29 July 2007

LOL Thank you for making me laugh. I like your humor and I certainly needed it today. It is a gloomy day in Florida.

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Aaron Tate 12 July 2008

lol, I guess while you were on the pot you measured it. :) Good write mate. I stood in one place for a whole day, in promise I'd get something too -_- only to find that I didn't get a physical prize, but a mental headache..

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Greenwolfe 1962 28 June 2008

That was delightful. I love new things. Short, is also good. There was no attempt to make this longer. That's a good sign. I gave it an 8. GW62

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Brian Mills 04 November 2007

lol.....it was good hun.....very amusing...thnx for sharing! ! ! Brian~

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 08 September 2007

((Smile)) Thanx for writing this funny little diddy of a poem! Maybe one day that pot will become a pony! ! Good sense of humour shared in this one! =Shelley=

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Peter A. Crowther 30 August 2007

Very funny!

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