Life Can Be... Poem by Cassy Taberna

Life Can Be...

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Life can be terrible
When we are in trouble
Life can be wonderful
When we have everything
Life can be boring
When we have nothing to do
Life can be fun
When we flourish in it
Life can be sad
When we feel gloom
Life can be happy
When we fell sparked
Life can be unfair
When everything goes wrong
Life can be sweet
When everything seems great

David Knox 16 June 2007

i would put a comma after life can be and isolate the other word from it EXAMPLE: life can be, fun, inser words here

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Gold Flower 26 June 2007

Wonderful poem! Life can be all those things when something happens. This really speaks the truth. I think that you should put a couple of periods after your Life Can Be title. Like this. Life Can Be....... Like that because you have different things to say after it! Just a suggestion!

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Aaron Tate 12 July 2008

Life Can be All it can be.. :) I alway like it to be wonderful.. Kudos

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Flame6203E . 09 December 2007

and life can be beutiful when ur in love

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 08 September 2007

Great insight into life Cassie...I really enjoyed the sweet thoughts of truths you is true of Lifes good and bad things. Neat little twist and turn poem about LIFE. Keep sharing and take care of U =Shelley=

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Random Crap 22 August 2007

Beautiful poem, it really sums up all the twists and turns of life. Well done!

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Ana Monnar 19 August 2007

Your poem draws a picture of what life is. Wonderful!

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Cassy Taberna

Cassy Taberna

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