Being Sneaky... Poem by Cassy Taberna

Being Sneaky...

Rating: 3.4

Being sneaky = trouble
Trouble = punishment
Punishment = pain
Pain = loneness
Loneness = sadness

Aldo Kraas 13 May 2007

That is a short poem but good

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Dennis Walker 15 June 2007

That is a good credo to live by

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Gold Flower 26 June 2007

Short, powerful. The words that describe this poem. I liked how you sort of felt what people go through when they are first sneaky, then it goes on into worse things that could happen to you. I really felt those words! This poem is like expressing your feelings! That is what I like! Keep writing these wonderful poems that will someday be known worldwide! Even though on poemhunter it is worldwide too. Ha ha ha!

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Mask Hernandez 03 July 2007

This is a real cute peom, and it's the truth I give it an 8

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Amber Lamb 26 July 2008

you express yourself fluidly, and I agree with Ben, it's great to experiment with different forms of writing, Keep it up!

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Ben Gieske 18 July 2008

I like your willingness to experiement with new forms. This helps us realize how we end up sometimes. Poetry is all about expressing feelings. That's what you have done.

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okeydokey #3 11 January 2008

keep up the good work...little lady...

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Mark Hogg 06 October 2007

haa..! Flicking through your poems.. i like this. The simplicity is nice. As long as you work on developing your verses and just keep pushing yourself to write better every time you get an idea, you'll become a great poet :)

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Professor Murder 25 July 2007

I love short poem thats what i started writting with... Very good and True ~MaXx

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Cassy Taberna

Cassy Taberna

Missoula, Montana
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