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As I looked around the pond
I see people playing in the snow
Laughing and throwing snowballs at each other
Making snow angles with great pride

She rocks
She loves to rock
She would rather rock
At rock clubs

Nuclear bombs
Unclearly sky
Crying mothers
Lifeless bodies

Best friend you can
Ever have
A great person to talk

Being sneaky = trouble
Trouble = punishment
Punishment = pain
Pain = loneness

Life can be terrible
When we are in trouble
Life can be wonderful
When we have everything

I sat on a pot
I knew not why

I sat on a pot

The doorknob rattles
The door squeaks as it slowly opens
I feel the presence of the eyes gleaming on me
My heart pounds so loud

Help me Lord
The world is invalving around me

It's snowing
It's Dumping
The old man is jumping
People are cheering

This person I met on poemhunter
Seem Quiet nice
One day he asked me out
I refused with confusion and knowing I shouldn't

So proud to be
They were their M so proudly
They never fall
They stand together as a unit

In the mist of nothing
You will find something

In darkness


Love is a beautiful thing
Full of beauty and joy
It's the kind of thing that keeps you up all night thinking
Love is a wonderful thing

The horse was so sweet
If only it didn't sweat
I always had to sweep
No matter what the situation was

They rule the world
Only a true man would accept the challenge
There peaks so high
Beauty so royal

It was dark and poring rain outside
A perfect night for sorrow to come
Inside children and teenagers ran about trying to fine things to do to keep their minds of what is going on
Adults sat trying to be supportive and strong to each other

I sit on a swing

I close my eyes
My mind sores out

Tonight I cry
For I have let my heart loose
And trusted it into the hands of a man

He was filling the unseen
The unfelt
The hole inside me
I didn't know it

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I was inspired into writing poems by my english teacher Miss Newbarry when i was in 7th grade. I am a freshman this yr. I have a little sister who is 4. I enjoy volleyball, basketball, track and tinnus. I started writing poems like just over a year and half ago. I hope to be a good poet someday. I encourage you to give me commits on my poems so i know how i am doing. Hope you enjoy my poems! :))

The Best Poem Of Cassy Taberna

At The Pond

As I looked around the pond
I see people playing in the snow
Laughing and throwing snowballs at each other
Making snow angles with great pride
Children sledding down the hill as if flying

As I look on the pond
I see people skating
Skating like soaring eagles
Twirling like tornadoes
But graceful as a ballerina dance

As I look around the pond
I see a people having fun
Enjoying themselves
Helping each other as if they were their little sister
I see a peaceful and fun world

But I
I am having no fun
No fun at all
For I am sitting on the bench
Sitting on the bench like a lost dog
For I am cripple

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Suad Alajmi 17 June 2007

you have amazing talent i congratulate you for that :)

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