Grains Of Sand* Poem by Reshma Ramesh

Grains Of Sand*

Rating: 3.3

Grains of sand
In the hour glass
Drop one by one,
Time sifts in the sand
You holding my hand,
The hour glass fills
Like your love
Filling my heart.
The hour glass empties
Like the sadness
Leaving my soul

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 25 February 2009

Ostensibly, there is never enough time to bask in loves pour...All we can do is imbibe whatever time affords our hearts...and say 'Thank You'...As usual...smooth & warming work, young lady, indeed! F j R 2009

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Sonya Florentino 09 March 2009

joy pouring in, sorrow emptying.... beautiful imagery!

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Raj Nandy 03 March 2009

Let true love drive all sadness away from your heart! -Raj Nandy

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Alison Cassidy 02 March 2009

Reshma, Such a simple image - the hour glass filling and emptying. And the grains of sand - a timeless image and a perfect metaphor for the waxing and waning of love. Beautiful poem. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Emancipation Planz 26 February 2009

tis true... the up and down of the hour glass... you got the full belly of them both right... aroha xx

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Seema Aarella 25 February 2009

The grains of sand shift from time to time sometimes filling a heart sometimes emptying beautifully you have thought of this flow of emotions from heart to heart.....Here is a sweet write! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Reshma Ramesh

Reshma Ramesh

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