Reshma Ramesh Poems

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*as Beautiful As Me''

You cant resist my golden curves,
my haughty angelic reserve,
I am the colors in a painter's palette,
the irresistible Charlotte.

*'Daddy's Darling*

She blew five candles
On her cake, angel
In a pink dress, hair
In little pigtails

*momma's Darling

As I sit on my high chair,
My mother, she feeds me,
With a tiny silver spoon,
Mashed carrots and potatoes,

Dark Chocolate

Wrapped in shinny wrappers,
golden, red, silver and brown,
chocolate, the king of sweets,
everyone's favorite treat,

*perfect Recipe For A Bite

Tender skin seized with teeth
magnetic rush, poetic hush,
Little bit of pressure,
Crumbs of love, slight pull,

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
The number of candles you blew,
And the number a years that flew

Thin Is In

Thin is in, thin is in
Bodies like paper, thin as fin
Thin as pencil, anemic skin
Portfolio of ribs, crying within

*letters To The Unknown

In all these dried mornings
And clear untold evenings
With My rambles and scribbles
My laments and stories

Blame It All On The Rain

Then with the fall of every dropp of rain,
From nimbus with a grudge,
Into the lap of lush green trees,
Splash my mother's green roof

Party In The Sky....Everyone Invited! !

Party in the sky

You are invited to a splendid party, high in the sky
It is the best of the season you cant deny

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