*'Daddy's Darling* Poem by Reshma Ramesh

*'Daddy's Darling*

Rating: 3.5

She blew five candles
On her cake, angel
In a pink dress, hair
In little pigtails
Bound in pink ribbons

She was daddy's
Apple of the eye,
They had little
Secrets and stories
Tiny, tattles and tizzies

He tucked her to
Bed every night,
Kissed her forehead
As she slept, .
Lovingly fondled
Between her legs

Bittie body bruised,
Small soul soiled,
Little heart hurt,
Bambino bosom bled,
Dainty dreams dead.

Little one is scared,
It is all her fault
Or so she is told,
Daddy wont love her
If their playful
Secret is let out

She bleeds inside,
Cant play on the slide,
Childhood denied,
Crayons cast aside,
Daddy and demon coincide.

Terrified, eyes open wide,
Home colder than winter tide,
Nightmares she cant brush aside,
She has everything to hide,
Who the hell is on her side?

(This does not come from my personal experience..I felt I had to write these lines when I read this in the news.Dedicated to all the little souls who were raped by their father....my heart goes out for them)

Niq Castro 08 February 2009

wow... it made me remember my dad. i really like it, please keep writing more.

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Man On Fire 29 December 2008

Well wrote, hits hard on the emotion buttons I can imagine some people wont be able to handle reading this kind of work but I think it is important it's produced. It pulls hard on the heart strings like all great tragic poetry should. well done!

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Kassem Oude 23 December 2008

If I were you I wouldn't post this poem anymore, it makes many dads sorrowful and fearing such feelings. It's shame and giant sin, it should be hidden not spread, maybe it would be an alleviation to those who raped before their babies. Very nice style and rhymes, you wove them most successfully.

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Gil Gregorio 15 December 2008

This is an intensely emotional poetry you've wrote. I felt sad anyhow about news that a father raped her little daughter. Incest is evil.

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Nia Riz 01 December 2008

i have commented before....but my soft heart urges me to comment again....cause this poem...has touched me deep down....it is really beautiful the way you are describing evrything in very short sentances.....just amazing! ...i luv ur poetry! ...if i could...i would have voted again...but as only 1 vote per person....i am sad...heh

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Rajnish Manga 11 September 2017

Very shocking and sickening. Its a pity that these things continue to happen every day. Where's safety and security? Thanks.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 02 September 2016

I can listen you singing this poem like a lullaby

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Ramesh Rai 10 September 2014

In the form of news i heard and read but did not realise. But after reading this i feel how much horrible is this act. My poem MY DAUGHTER is just opposite to your write.

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Pradyumna Jyotir 14 January 2010

Reshma you are not only a sensitive poet... you are brave...you have guts. We cannot sweep these issues under the carpet. Keep up the good work lady.Hats off to you.

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Maggie K 14 September 2009

OMG.... so sad yet so beautiful. thx for bringing this to everyones attention, people should write about this stuff more often as its never going to help when we keep it locked away, hate, darkness, fear and dread will build up unless we bring it out in the open and deal wif it

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