Aqeb Benazir Ibn Minar

Greatest Delight - Poem by Aqeb Benazir Ibn Minar

Introduction: Eid Mubarak! To every Muslim brother and sister out there! ! May Allah bless you, your family and friends. May He forgive your past sins, accept your good deeds and prayers for your loved ones. May Allah help you stay in the right path in your upcoming days and may He grant peace and tranquility to your soul in many ways…Ameen.

O Muslims do not divide
The day of redemption’s just ahead,
Brace yourselves and do not hide
Reveal the truth instead.

O Muslims, follow your Deen
Don’t get anxious, ensure your Imaan is clean,
Allah is always hearing us
Even when we don’t speak

O Muslims, don’t go astray
The month of fasting passed just fine,
Still temptation will not stay
The day of light is right behind.

O Muslims, just stay allied,
Embrace the grace of this new day
Feel the change, heal from your sins
As Eid has come across this way.

Comments about Greatest Delight by Aqeb Benazir Ibn Minar

  • Allemagne RoßmannAllemagne Roßmann (10/8/2011 4:09:00 PM)

    Thought provoking heresy here sparking controversies therefore.But as a poem it can be differentiated for the writer who has written it with the sole objective of a poetry itself. (Report)Reply

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  • Chaths Odion (9/14/2011 6:49:00 AM)

    @Naidz Ladia (Lady Grace) , @Bethany Williams...

    Given the ongoing events, the relationship between Islam and Christianity is definitely a 'live' issue. An issue of contemporary concern.

    I suggest you to watch a video, 'Similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism' by Dr.Zakir Naik.
    That should answer ANY question regarding the issue of having similarities (or dissimilarities) between Islam and Christianity, and along the way also point out the differences too. (the part on judaism is included as well) .

    But for now I'll give a short answer -

    Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, many believe he is God in human form, they believe in the trinity, they believe that Jesus died in the crucifixion as an atonement for the sins of mankind.

    On the B-side, Islam holds great honor and respect for Jesus as one of the mightiest Prophets of Almighty and believe that he didn't die during the crucifixion but was ascended to heaven where he waits until the day of judgment when he will return as a Muslim and fight alongside Imam Mahdi against Dajjal (false messiah) and bring justice and peace once and for all. That's where the two religions part ways...

    However, the two religions share many on common grounds: Islam and Christianity do believe in One God, heaven and hell, angels, the day of judgment, the prophets [many of the same prophets in fact - Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus (pbut) ] along with many other similarities.

    So as a conclusion, the big difference between Islam and Christianity revolve around the beliefs in Jesus (pbuh) .

    And as for what @Naidz Ladia (Lady Grace) said about a good christian is a Muslim and a good Muslim is a christian, you are in fact correct in a way. To know 'Why' and 'How', please watch the video I mentioned earlier. Copy and Paste the link I attached below to your address bar:

    'Similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism' by Dr.Zakir Naik.

    The Link: v=_CfVRTj9tv0

    Hope that clears the confusion.

    Anyway, It's a great thing Aqeb did here with this poem which he reached to humanity as a whole, no matter what religion you're from - you can relate it with the most positive aspects of your own way of life and also this to prove that Islam is a peaceful religion and that there is good in all religions as all of God's revelations through the great prophets to their nations meant something greater good, Beautifully delivered fact. This poem establishes a common point for humanity at large. I also liked how people didn't take this as 'just a mere poem' but as a learning element, something you can question about and have an urge to know more and learn a lesson from...Aqeb, you indeed reach to a lot of people including those of completely different beliefs where you bring a moment of peace and unity among all, a reminder that we are all human beings at the end, that we are one of the magnificent creations of Almighty God and that we are here to serve HIM only. This radiates a very positive and cohesive sensation. Your poems inspire a lot, And I like that you don't only write poems about sadness or romance but more about religion and spread it's word through your poems, it's a very decent and spirited quality which I think everyone should pay attention to once in a while.
    10+ for this one Aqeb! ! Very well done...exceptional work.

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  • Broken Heart (9/3/2011 7:25:00 AM)

    Beautiful poem :) . (Report)Reply

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  • Bethany WilliamsBethany Williams (8/30/2011 8:56:00 PM)

    I know that I'm not a muslim I'm a Christian and this poem reminds of Christian stuff. How you wrote this poem is like we are both the same kinds of people just translation got confused or something because we act the same pray, fast, ext. Good poem. (Report)Reply

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  • Lady Grace (8/30/2011 7:09:00 PM)

    others say, a good muslim is a christian.......and a good christian is a how can we differentiate them? (Report)Reply

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  • Anthony Zeigler (8/30/2011 6:10:00 PM)

    ......I....Love....This...This is really touching to me. Im not muslim but i can relate Somewhat. Either way, Really touching (Report)Reply

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