Guilt Poem by the poet


Rating: 4.6

Sitting around this empty place,
Full of hollowness and nothingness,
None of the place I wanna be,
The place that I call home.

No love, no hope,
My life’s a loss,
No wish, no aim,
My life’s empty,
With only the sad darkness
As company.

How could this be,
This is not how it should be,
But with the way things seem,
My chances seem so slim.

Can’t forget the things I done,
Can’t erase the memories in my mind,
All the lies t told,
All the love I sold,
All the friends I betrayed,
All the monsters I portrayed,
Has turned to guilt.

My vision is blurred,
My mind is clouded,
My body is numb,
I feel so dumb,
For the things I done,
Guilty, I am so. –MJ(07)

Melvina Germain 17 June 2007

This poem clearly identifys the intensity of guilt. Quite sad actually to spend such valuable time dealing with something that no one can see, just sitting there feeling guilt, I ask you 'WHY'? ? ? Good poem Alex--Melvina--(10)

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Aldo Kraas 11 June 2007

This poem is excelent It is full of fire And spice I can see That your character is like mine You are like a volcano That is erupting I am the same way You express your feelings very well

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Fred Johnson 25 May 2007

i have no idea what to say...seriously it is a good poem and everything!

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Esther Pierce 03 October 2021

This is one beautiful piece of work.

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Lorelai 02 November 2018

Who wrote this

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Cassandra B. 20 July 2018

Beautiful, this describes exactly how I feel 😔

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 12 October 2007

I read this poem and felt within it a voice that wishes to be heard and understood. That voice carrying 'Guilt' for not receiving an acceptance. An empty feeling felt is expressed from a longing to be filled with love. Very interesting introspective. Very well done, Alex.

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Gold Flower 27 June 2007

It must have felt bad to feel all that guilt, nobody noticed it, and you were all filled up with all these thoghts! That must have felt awful! I hope you got over it. God Bless All Poets. *Lilly*

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