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Rain Is Falling

Rain, rain, its always raining,
Rain, rain, I end up saying,
Rain, rain, please go away now,
Rain, rain, just leave right now,

A Poem For A True Friend, My Friend

Time does pass us by so very fast,
Only a moment’s pause, dawn is dusk,
But the moments we had will surely last,
Till the day these bones are dust.

Deep In My Heart

Deep in my heart,
This feeling’s all that I can’t figure out,
Till that day came by,
Wasn’t sure so I wonder why,

Haiku I- The Samurai

Wielding his blood sword,
A hero who fights with pride,
And slays with honor.


Sitting around this empty place,
Full of hollowness and nothingness,
None of the place I wanna be,
The place that I call home.


Looking out my broken window,
I saw people together,
While I walk alone,
With only my own as family.

Bot 2- The Machine That Fell In Love

Ever since you turned me on,
My systems are go, at your disposal,
First time I saw your face,
Visual interface, optical gaze,

Haiku Ii-The Queen Of The Lake

On the icy waters,
A symbol of elegance,
As it floats with grace.

Fool In Love

Its getting harder to breathe,
My sights blurring, my eyes deceive,
My mind is blank, I can’t think,
When she’s around I can’t even blink.

Rain Is Falling Ii - Lightning

Rain, rain, feeling their game getting boring,
Rain, rain, together they form a new ring,
Rain, rain, hand in hand they sing,
Rain, rain, their claps bring forth lightning.

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