Fool In Love Poem by the poet

Fool In Love

Rating: 4.3

Its getting harder to breathe,
My sights blurring, my eyes deceive,
My mind is blank, I can’t think,
When she’s around I can’t even blink.

She is like the wild wind,
And her heart is what I want to win,
Her voice is a siren’s, her eyes an Angel’s,
Makes me unleash my inner Devil.

I’m immobilized by the thoughts of you,
Hypnotized by the sight of you,
Paralyzed by the words you say,
Your presence outshine the buds of May.

My feelings for you I can’t deny,
But my heart fears with deny,
I opened my mouth, trying to say,
But nothing comes out,
not even on the next May.

My heart beats for your affection,
My dreams about you are in perfection,
I am going out of my sane mind,
When I can’t read your signs.

Am I really in the pit of love,
Or is this just a crush that’ll dissolve?
Can I trust my intuition,
Or reject these information?

She passes me everyday,
Yet I fail to tell her anyway,
When she looks at me in a funny way,
I always pretend to just look away…

Can someone reach out to me,
And show this fool in love
the way to be,
Can you please tell me,
Can you and I really be?

broken soul 11 June 2007

looks like you're really inlove while writing this one! ! great poem..

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Elysabeth Faslund 17 June 2007

Why call yourself a fool? Love is free, has wings...let what you want go. If you love her, would you love her inside a cage? I don't have these thoughts unless a poem brings them out...yours did! You write very well, indeed! ! xxElysabeth

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Serenity Prayer 07 June 2008

very cute poem. i love it. good job.

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Blue Angel 22 March 2008

Amazingly described the Game of Love or 'Fool in Love'

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Ana Monnar 09 September 2007

WOW is what I felt as I was reading youir poem. Well penned.

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Gold Flower 27 June 2007

Don't call yourself a fool! You aren't. People get shy about telling somebody you love them. And I am ALSO one of them. I am young, I know. But I also love someone too. This was a great way to express your inner feelings. I never thought I'd tell someone that even though I am young I have a crush, but your poem kinda sorta thought me not to keep things bottled up. Keep writing these great poems! God Bless All Poets. *Lilly*

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Mohd Rashidi Mohd Zin 17 June 2007

Nicely written I must say, expressing your feelings well. I like the third stanza the most.

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