Bot 2- The Machine That Fell In Love Poem by the poet

Bot 2- The Machine That Fell In Love

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Ever since you turned me on,
My systems are go, at your disposal,
First time I saw your face,
Visual interface, optical gaze,
My soul is hollow, even though my circuits are whole, .

My name’s 2, nice to meet you too,
There’s nothing I can’t do,
I am the perfect machine,
Even with human skin,
Your will is my command,
All your thoughts I understand.

When you’re lonely,
I’ll keep you company,
When you’re sad,
My artificial tears will shed,
And do anything to make you happy,
My mission is to see you cherry.

For 4 months,2 hours,5 minutes,
Not long after my last deed,
My objectives I am sure to complete,
But something is not right in me,
It seems an unknown virus has infected me,
This odd feeling has come to be,
You’ve become my reason to be,
My existence, my sole purpose to be,
I feel whole when you are with me,
If I am perfect, why do my sensors defect
When you hold me?

Am I to uphold my mission,
Or to follow my new found reason,
Logics and emotions intertwine,
Tangling my systems in this thick vine,
And all my processor can conclude is error.

Am I damaged, or just infected,
Cause every time when your image is reflected,
I feel so excited as my steel heart races in a rapid pulse rate,
This is tearing me apart.

Sweep scanning surroundings……
No other human beings,
Adjusting lighting……
Romantic setting,
With my systems on the go,
I voiced my feelings after confirmation,
And I managed to catch her attention,
My optical visualiser observed her eyes
as does she in connection,
I disobeyed my agenda,
Violated my regulation,
But I was true to the feelings of my iron soul……

She gave me a laugh in relief,
She said she believe,
That I need not take leave
Or startle like a leaf,
When she locked her arms around me,
As the range of our lips decreased,
I realized that my decision was correct,
I am not defected,
Just perfected…

Blue Angel 22 March 2008

10! 100! 1000! I am speechless!

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David Harris 12 October 2007

Alex To say this is wonderful would be an understatement. It is a brilliant piece of imagintive writing. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Yao Tzu 18 June 2007

all around just a great poem to read good job

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That by far was the best poem I have ever read. It gave me a really...... humble mind when i was done reading it and i will remember it meaning forever. That was truely amazing!

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Fred Johnson 25 May 2007

wow...that is all i can really say besides that it is truely amazing!

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