Haiku: 2005 Poem by Pene Burkey

Haiku: 2005

Babbling brook still runs
Beneath the blanket of snow.
Waters of life flow.

Trees bud, flowers bloom.
Leaves redden and petals fall.
Beginnings, endings....

Golden butterfly
drinks from the fountain of youth;
Only death to vie...

Winds blow and leaves fall,
Blanketing the ground before
Cold, wet snow comes down.

(Pine Barrens Summer)
Aroma of pine,
moonlight on sugar sand roads,
and blueberry treats!

(To the Sculpture)
Within....you're hidden
From view, until the artist
Discovers your soul.

The hummingbird's gone
far away to distant lands
and taken my fears.

Sun on horizon
gives light to the mornings and
evenings of my dreams.

(Bleeding Heart Plant)
My full bleeding heart
is dripping with love for you.
Please accept my loss...

The warmth of the Son
melts the ice on even the
coldest of hearts won.

Out of the shadows
Into the cool blue waters;
Swim warmed by the sun.

Dew on a blossom
refreshes the bloom; so too
the tears of first love...

Daisies, daisies all
around; smelling sweet where I
am found. Come find me!

Tired from the chase,
bear sits and comtemplates his
next move....Honey time!

Woodlands walk and watch....
Nature teaches much to those
who look and listen.

New day is dawning....
Hopeful of new life bestowed,
Barren tree waiting....

Nature's provisions....
Serene scenes and reflection
enhance the spirit.

Humpback whale rises
out of the cold, grey waters
seeking the warm sun.

Large, lonesome creature
submerges....graceful, silent;
Whale's tail waves goodbye.

Displayed on a log....
beautiful, blue butterfly
clears my mental fog.

Colleen Courtney 30 April 2014

These are wonderful! Great imagery!

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Terry Brewer 28 April 2006

Pene Wow - thank you for showing me how to do it! Love these lines I have been trying to write Haiku for a while (posted a few earlier today) It is a really interesting medium Terry Brewer

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