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When I go rolling on my skateboard,
I feel the wind blow on my face.
My body glides along in freedom,
And then my foot keeps up the pace.

He gets up in the morning
And goes out the door,
Jumps onto his board
And skates to the store.

Babbling brook still runs
Beneath the blanket of snow.
Waters of life flow.

As far as we can see,
The fields snow-covered be.
The wind picks up a load,
Blows snow drifts 'cross the road.

Bending down to get their glove,
Not thinking of yourself...above.

Giving those who need...a ride;

To rhyme or not to rhyme
Is not the question.
Neither is it based on
Facts or on fiction.

His graduation
Amid Blue Ridge Mountains with
Family, friends, and
Senator John S. McCain....

People say seeing is believing.

Close your eyes....

I would like to see my Father again,
And have him help recall those memories
Of when he would sit down and sing to me,
Tell me tales enough to fill diaries.

First love begun...
Like its always been there.

'Mom, why do you watch those black and white movies?
They're part of our history, Son.


What did Santa leave under my tree?
He left hugs and kisses for me,
A safe year without injury,
The family I treasure dearly,

The sky grew dark this April morn,
The north wind blew his snowy scorn.

Suddenly all was dressed in white,

I sit and watch the kids at play,
They seem to copy the news today.
I sometimes wonder what they think,
When they're sitting down to eat and drink.


What is it you would like to do?
Do you want to learn something new?
All you will ever need to know
Is in a book....Read it and grow! !

Dandelions are out and about...
A menace to some who mow, no doubt.
Many wine-makers with glee will shout...
To them this flora has taste and clout.

The air was hot, humid, and heavy
When we ventured out.

As the sun beat down upon us

If I could take you with me,
I would.
I would take you everywhere if
I could.

A sharpened pencil makes my day
When I sit down to work or play.
'Never a dull moment, ' some would say.
Never a dull point in my array!

Poetry Is....

A time for every season

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I also write using the pseudonym of May Lyn (ML) .)

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When I go rolling on my skateboard,
I feel the wind blow on my face.
My body glides along in freedom,
And then my foot keeps up the pace.

I must lean just right to make the curve,
Then get my balance back on track.
I look for the chance to do a trick,
I start the turning back.

I catch the air and do a kick-flip,
The board goes round and meets my feet.
I get anxious as I start a trick,
But glad its ended safe and neat.

My board becomes part of my body,
I cannot be whole without it.
What if it breaks and leaves me stranded?
How can I get there? ........I'll just sit! !

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