Handicapped Poem by Sandra Martyres


Rating: 5.0

He loathed it when he had to go out;
he was the one whom the boys
laughed and joked about.
Here comes our three-legged stool!
they jeered from the nearby school.
Being handicapped and lame
brought their insults and to him shame.
He shuddered, holding back a tear,
and hobbled away in absolute fear.
They considered him an easy prey.
They almost always got their way.
His own disability he could not fight.
They took advantage of his plight.
He often questioned their nastiness:
Why deny a lame boy happiness?
It did not change their vicious ways;
he hobbled on through troubled days.


making fun is the biggest handicap...they are lame without compassion

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Patti Masterman 30 August 2009

I think the urge that leads people to pick on people who are different must somehow (sadly enough) be related to the same one that makes birds or mammals and other creatures try to evict the offspring that are somehow seen as inferior; sort of a self-cleansing gene pool or something. But since we are human it seems we could somehow rise above this genetic profiling to offer kindness to all our kind. In a perfect world...(smile)

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Laurie Hill 07 April 2009

An excellent poem So tragic is that it happens and not only by children being cruel but by many. Their ignorance knows no boundaries....10+

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I agree with Fiona. This is an excellent poem as it brings awareness to this problem. Children can be so cruel when there is no need. A ten from me. Karin Anderson

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Fiona Davidson 29 March 2009

Excellent write to highlight this sad fact...people seem not to see that anyone with a disability is also human and has feelings like us all...or they don't see them at all...10+++ for the write...

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Kesav Easwaran 24 March 2009

i liked the well brought out humanitarian element in this write...thanks, Sandra...10

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