Sadiqullah Khan

Happiness Departs - Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

From your lonely existence, happiness departs,
The dissolved sweetness is nonetheless you!
Of a shared moment, unless you become,
The ember that kindles the fire from ash
Or a breeze of spring from across the gardens.
O shower the bliss of times, in all and around,
When your smile mirrors on the face of another
And their grief sinks down your heart,
Speaks the brilliance in your eyes, or becomes
A song high pitched, O why the birds have
Sweet tongues, and rainbows adore the skies.
Of the ‘things’ they say you don’t love,
O the cherished intervals from the teeth of life
That they have a celebration of the advent
Of spring. Yellow flowers the earth offers them,
And the apricots before their leaves shine on bows.
Roses for whom bloom? And Jasmine smells?
That ye be the happy captives of the tripod
From one freedom to another, or wonder.
But with all the intensity of seeking paradise,
O lonesome seeker, ye may be living in heaven,
With closed eye, and reflecting soft smile.
We may thus assume, but with all and sundry
The death may sound a happy coming,
If the hand is held, and chants are sung to the going.

Sadiqullah Khan
February 11,2015.

Topic(s) of this poem: life

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