Devil Worship Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

Devil Worship

Rating: 2.6

The great Unitarian
With names disgusting
Abhorred the command supreme
Unto his way till the end
Devil is creator of evil
And evil of mind
Sin and wrongdoing
Who decides right and wrong
In hermit seminary and sanctuary
Personification indeed

He too is created
In the creation’s realm
Worship the devil
He shall bring
Happiness and may
Before the great scheme
What happened on earth

Tragedy is the bleeding Ultimate
Reality unto life though
Nothing wicked nor shameful
Goodness is all
Bad or not
Devil brings
Immense hope

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Topic(s) of this poem: love and art
Catrina Heart 22 October 2009

well descriptive point out about the devils and his evils..........Thanks!

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Eyan Desir 22 October 2009

hahaha thinking of making a deal? the devil always make back what was given.. because life is balance and the devil is evil deals always cause pain in the end and a soul is too expense to give for a devil's deed

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rago rago 22 October 2009

fine description of devil worship.........and much more that said in purest words.....

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Shashendra Amalshan 22 October 2009

Yeah, , Don't fall in to the hand of devil my friend.. He is so very tempting and will promise you many treasures.. but it will only end in your ultimate destruction.. I feel there is a devilish or an inhuman side in each of us which always allure us to do evil wicked things.. If you really follow that path you will begin to worship those devilish actions which turn humans in to savages Just let the humane side take charge, you can do wonders! ! ! This is a such a nice poem, enjoyed reading this one and also made me think.... Cheers Shan

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Ejaz Khan 22 October 2009

The(D) Evil, is a servent of creator but enemy of us beings, so any one expecting happiness or goodness coming out of him is deluded, a nice write with an important message!

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Mohammad Younus 25 October 2022

Theistic Satanism

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An interesting subject on devil and evil both are against good things and makes problems. A beautiful poem.

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Akhtar Jawad 02 July 2014

It's a very interesting debate. Devil created evil or evil created devil. I think Anjali Sinha is right in saying that both always go hand in hand.

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Tsira Goge 11 November 2009

The angel was tempted.... so was received devil But, giving huge stimulus, that we struggled for a life... 10.... Thank you, Sadiqullah... Tsira

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Anjali Sinha 31 October 2009

Great the devil and evil they always go hand in hand

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