*i Am Not In Love Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

*i Am Not In Love

Rating: 2.9

Until I have broken the form
Until madness has not prevailed
Until I am not drunk dead
Until my mind speaks the sense
Until I recognize faces
Until my memory is intact
Until I have flown without wings
Until the rules of love I break
Until the beloved is one with me
Until the friends leave me not
Until the self speaks in agony
Until I am not the song
Until heart chords in passion rupture
Until I am the tear in your eyes
Until in enchantment I dance
Until my head is blown in the air
I am not in love

Reshma Ramesh 25 February 2009

but you are in love you might have not broken the form but u have remoulded it might not be drunk dead but in your last drink may be your mind dsnt speak sense but it sure dsnt speak nonsense maybe dont recognize the faces but you sure know their names maybe your memory is intact but you have forgoten her name maybe you have not flown without wings but you have flown with the wind maybe you havent broken the rules but you have shaken them maybe your beloved isnt one with you but her soul is one with yours maybe your friends havent left you but sure they are saying good bye maybe the self hasnot spoken in agony but the self has withered in pain maybe you are not the song but you are the lyrics waiting to be sung maybe you haven't danced in enchantment but sure have your foot tapping maybe your head is not blown in the air but sure it is swaying in the direction you are in love

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Shemsi Elsani 16 April 2015

Really nice one.

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Estrella Baldemosa 14 February 2009

whew! powerful, passionate...

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Miriam Maia Padua 13 February 2009

interesting write.....nice thoughts i like every lines here until i can't find him...i'm not in love...... 10+++

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Until my breathe is not mine - Lovely piece.10

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rago rago 12 February 2009

Really fine and proved the way until the end.

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