Happy Birthday Dearest Mother Poem by ANJALI SINHA

Happy Birthday Dearest Mother

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Hail Queen of Heavens,
Mother of Mercy,
Mystical Rose,
You steadfast maid
The Chosen One,
Humbler than the humblest,
Yet a Tower of Ivory.
I am a still pond,
Lost in tranquility,
In this ocean of proclivitous trials.
You flood my life,
With peace and serenity,
With you to guide,
I have nothing to fear.

You are that celestial hymn,
The choir of the angels,
The morning mist,
The flame of the noon,
The twilight of the evening.

Oh mirror of justice,
Show me the right path,
Oh seat of wisdom,
House of gold,
Brighter than all the stars,
put together in the firmament.
Instil in me the right values.

Mother of good counsel,
Give me that prudence,
Make me believe,
that in you I see,
Are the same.

Give me that rectitude,
To never disown,
the poor and downtrodden,
Or bend my knees,
before insolent adversary.
This is my humble prayer to you.


Though I could have presented to you,
A bouquet of thousand roses,
I prefer to beg of thee
With this necklace of requests,
On your birthday.
A unique gift-
Isn’t it? .
Happy birthday once again.

(In honour of the Blessed Mother Mary)


Pawan G 24 October 2008

Anju, dear another piece of art.. the feel of love n respect for mom expression rare to be found in expressions ... hey.. all your peoms deserve 10+++++++++ congrates keep it up.. god bless u

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Emerald Gk 23 October 2008

Its fine work well done

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Kaushik Seshan 20 October 2008

Good one! ! Enjoyed it!

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Rinzu Susan Rajan 01 October 2008

u being born a hindu know mother mary so well is truly a bful thing... i too intercede to her whn at times it seems that her son 'JESUS' doesnt listen to me... a reallly bful piece... thanks u soo much... :)

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Yasser Koor 01 October 2008

oh my god! ! ! ! what a holy poem! ! very very nice work my friend... i'm really impressed GREAT...AND GREAT

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Alen Alexander 01 June 2009

wow! ! gave me a bit of goosebumps, felt like a psalm, addressed to the Mother! wonderful!

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a lovely gift indeed to a loving mother...the role the mother plays in a childs life is numerous and you have brought it out beautifully....10

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Dear Anjali Oh! how you revere your Mother so. She is in the depth of you and how splendid it is that you can express this so powerfully. Karin Anderson

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Seema Aarella 01 November 2008

What else could be more worthy gift than this lovely poem....blessed u r for having a great mother like her....blessed she is for having u as daughter...wish this bondage strengthens even more with time...

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Sadiqullah Khan 24 October 2008

what a blessed serenity and it is strange i did not comment on it, , some writings are exquisitly beautiful, , the mother is an image of such humble and towering person, , all love and peace, , , , just personified, , , i respect your great regard and attachement to her, , , i wish i am blessed with her 'beautiful countenance', , , , ,10 plus much more, ,

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