All I See Is You --In Top 500 Poem by ANJALI SINHA

All I See Is You --In Top 500

Rating: 4.9

I want to be your fragrant musk,
I want to be that soft breeze that gently touches your soul,
I want to be that fire, which enflames your heart,
I want to bathe in the ocean of your passions,
And feel the caresses of the waves of your love,

I eat, I drink, I sleep you,
These words resonate in me,
“Blessed be thou forever”,
God above- only knows what I desire,
I am sinking -yes I am sinking
Into that labyrinth of love.

I am now a captive of your spell,
My reasoning is blocked,
My sanity stolen,
My normal life seems so out of reach,
You surround me by your powerful aroma of musk,
You so far away across the ocean,
Yet that asian perfume so powerful,
Draws me to you,
My heart is trapped by your love,
And when the shades of twilight close the day,
All I see is you! ! ! -you! ! ! -you! ! ! .


Aijaz Asif 28 November 2008

what a beutiful poem, words like liquid of life droping inside cureing away the injuries and scars...a marvellos poem which can be relate and someday i'll relate this one too...someday...till then its added to my favs.100+++++++++++ what should i say for the rhymes you wrote floating like a breeze so smooth so soft giving the sensations of love so sweet making me to yearn for love just once before i fall asleep'-aijaz rgds asif

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 06 December 2008

All I see is you In a wintry morning dew In a cat's mew In cow's mow In a sea's blue Nay in life every's hue What I see is you you you. Good work 10A+++++++++++++

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Dean Nordy 31 December 2008

I can feel your love for this guy.Its so reaaalllllllll and original.Hope he'll love you too, like you do.Great love poem. Dean Nordy, US of A.

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Ridge Cahill 04 February 2009

O' to be the you for which you write such beautifully about! Someone is quite fortuneate indeed.

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Muhammad Ali 10 February 2009

love is joy with all its worries and happies. wonderful written!

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Vishal Sharma 14 October 2015

lovely poetry nice use of words totally awewsome

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Amazing articulation!

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val Rogers 23 August 2015

Well written. It's obviously an extension of your soul. A BEAUTIFUL attention To the POWER OF LOVE.

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A spendid and sweet song that is loaded with love and pregnant with passion!

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Akhtar Jawad 25 January 2015

Such a love is either for God or someone who is a virtual image of God. A nice description of climax of emotions for a true beloved...............10

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