Happy Birthday Dear Friend Poem by ANJALI SINHA

Happy Birthday Dear Friend

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On this day,
to your Pa and Ma
a condign star was born.
A precious one,
God gave this world,
a special gift
That was YOU,
the day YOU were born.

Your sempervirent nature,
touched many lives I know,
A sempiternal brook of kindness
that wants to merge with the ocean.
A difference in this world
YOU made,
Not only for me
But those around YOU too.

On this your birthday,
I wish YOU a life of blessedness.
May all your fondest dreams come true,
That with every candle on your birthday cake,
a lovely surprise await YOU.
My wish for YOU -that whatsoever
YOU want most in life-
come your way,
just the way YOU imagined it
or maybe better.

I hope YOU treasure
this friendship,
and nothing can succedaneum this,
as much I do.
Look forward,
for many more happy birthdays
to follow,
in friendship with YOU,

Happy Birthday dear friend
I wish God’s opulent Blessings inundate YOU
And good wishes, to last YOU all lifes through
And with this sincerest hope and joy
That will never end
From which YOU can
to others lend.
May each new birthday
Be the best YOU ever knew


Yours best friend


Dhanesh Aradhye 20 November 2008

so lucky ur frnd is... he got the best greeting.. :)

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Ency Bearis 18 November 2008

a wonderful b-day greetings -great piece..... Ency Bearis

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a beautiful birthday poem, thanks for sharing

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Ravi Sathasivam 17 November 2008

The best birthday gift poem to your friend. Well written. Your friend is very lucky to get this poem. Thanks for sharing with me. Ps. If you find time pls read my poems on birthdays

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 16 November 2008

Your friend is lucky........this is all i can say. A wonderful poem.

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Soulful Heart 19 January 2015

every child is a special gift for parents...........................a touching poem of B'day wishes and the treasure that a parent rejoices on each b'day...............

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a poertic wish from a good poet friend.....good

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Muhammad Ali 11 May 2009

Wishes Sweet Wishes filled with love! ! or Anjali you just had love to wish hmmm :) 10..

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! ~ RAJNISH JENA ~! 08 December 2008

hey heay thats a sweet one and as its dedicated to your friend so he can feel the words you have told..and i can feel the poem only...so its a nice poem.....

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Marria Attar 28 November 2008

Wow...Beautiful poem...that's one lucky friend!

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