Sound Of Silence - In Top 500 Poem by ANJALI SINHA

Sound Of Silence - In Top 500

Rating: 5.0

The morning dawns,
with the pellucid rosy tint on the buds,
The rustle of the perfunctory cool breeze, .
awakens the birds and the bees.
Afternoon comes,
with a myriad shimmer of gold on the leaves
Opening up,
my dormant buds in full bloom.

The vacuous firmament is dimming,
The effulgent sun is descending,
The esoteric moon is peeping slowly,
And the lustrous stars are out in rows.

to the whispers and the twitters of the birds,
Nestling homewards bound,
the gentle velocity of the waters of the rivulet,
Swirling there a dance

comes the dying of the light,
A closing of the tableau
And hush! A sound of silence.


romantic beautiful images and whispers...a very warm poem.....

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Ted M 26 July 2009

The sound of silence as the sun sets, the twinkling stars in the clear sky, the peace; esp., when its the countryside with vast areas of greenery is a beautiful sight. You create a nice picture in the mind of the reader and now I long for that peaceful environment.

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Sandra Martyres 28 July 2009

An exquisite piece of poetry Anjali 10+++

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Anju Addanki 17 September 2009

That was a wonderful one. I wonder how u get such nice ones. i need to learn a lot form u. U r indeed a great poet

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Sarvesh Kulkarni 17 December 2008

'Opening up, my dormant buds in full bloom.' wow! ! ! ! loved this poem, anjali. amazing.

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Ken E Hall 29 March 2012

Natures silence written as it is...the twitter of the birds my favourite daily sound, fodder for your perfect pen very nice to read ++++10 regards

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Ken E Hall 29 March 2012

Listen, to the whispers and the twitters of the birds, for me the best line I breakfast every morning on the garden patio and your vision of natures silence is spot on...++++10...regards

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If silence speaks so eloquently then let every word be forever hushed. Well done my excellent friend! 100/10

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Ravi Sathasivam 02 December 2009

The beauty of the silence is expressed with great skill here. Wonderful poem. Well penned Enjoyed reading it 10+

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Anand Madhukar 19 October 2009

An exquisite piece, Anjali. Opulent with imagery and painting the day and its end with a beautiful palette of colours.

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