Happy Birthday Her Royal Highness Princess R.A. Kartini Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Happy Birthday Her Royal Highness Princess R.A. Kartini

Today is the BirthDay of the Indonesian Princess
she made the world of Indonesian girls and women truly a zest
i cannot create than this polite free verse solemnly
for our dear Indonesian Princess Ibu R.A. Kartini

she was most intelligent and diligent both
Kartini knew what it meant to have learned a very lot
her letters to Rosa Abendanon became world famous
Raden Ajeng was she before she had to marry
Kartini was born into an aristocratic Javanese family
when Java was part of the Dutch Colony
of the Dutch East Indies, I know so well Ibu Kartini

not only Java, but the whole Indonesian Archipelago
was under Dutch Colony, poor Princess Kartini we all know
before marriage she still lived under parents'guidance
her parents chose her future husband
after marriage she became under spouse's maintenance
too sad she did not want to marry at first
but did it since her father's ailing became worst

in fact she wanted to learn more and study in Jakarta
her parents hastened the wedding, she must stay at Jepara
due to her father's generosity
she made the young girls accustomed with embroidery
his big mansion became her first school in education
it was her glee to teach them, but still no satisfaction
God loved her and heard her prayings,
she became the percursor of women's emancipation

The education she ventured, she got many blessings
she gained a very fact despite prematured death after birthing
to my eyes truly the greatest tragedy
she died four days after she bore her son, poor dear Kartini
know that she is the first woman gained so much and more
self study at home, since going to school hereafter was prohibited
a true Javanese affair a droplet in the Java Sea became an ocean

a true Javanese affair a droplet in the Java Sea
crawled to the Indian Ocean and became world's testimony

The greatest blessings the world ever got
is the well known Women's Day on each spot
that started with that droplet in Rembang near the Java Sea
perhaps not everyone knows, but that began with Kartini

Her smart letters were published in prime in the Netherlands
Kartini knew that by corresponding to her Dutch best friends
the outside international world was within her reach
God gave her that deep insight
we can read her famous letters in Leyden and worldwide
every intellectual woman knows what she has meant
for the Dutch East Indies Compagny, a royal rebel blend
and for the Independent Indonesian Government
a National Heroine, the most perfumed blend
President Ir. Soekarno declared her as the National Heroine
and as the precursor of the women's emancipation
her BirthDay as The Kartini Day
as The National Indonesian Holiday, one free day hurray!
as one born in Jakarta, the capital of Republik Indonesia
i humbly am gladdest to have known her as my past historia
her royal home activities in post Jepara
made Indonesian girls and women as they all can "baca" (reading)

this is my humble Tribute to Her Royal Highness Princess Kartini
on her BirthDay from the Indonesian born Sylvie
perhaps and by chance
my Tribute will be read by her many inheritants….

Jakarta, Saturday the 21st of April 2018
@ 20.08 hrs. P.M. Waktu Indonesia Barat.

Happy Birthday Her Royal Highness Princess R.A. Kartini
Sunday, April 22, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: education,princess,royalty,tribute
About the Indonesian Princess, R.A. Kartini (means her Royal Highness Princess Kartini) who lived under heavy pressure during the Dutch Colony of the Dutch East Indies Compagny, now well-known as the Independent Republik Indonesia.

Dates I will not mention, the most important thing is to write a fine Tribute for her Royal Highness Princess Kartini R.A, the percursor
of Women's Emancipation.

This my first Tribute to her, you may be assured there will follow
many more in the near future, but shorter than this.

Yes, this is Prime, and I admire her ability and gift to unite
so many problems as one solution, her girls and women teachings-revolution, yes a Revolution that was sure for that era in her
short time because she was still very young when she died prematurely four days after having born her son. But see, that droplet near the Java Sea at Jepara, have become an International affair.

Ask every intellectual woman, bet that she knows who Kartini is....

Thank you for reading and giving your comments,
God's Blessings be upon you all,

Sylvia Frances Chan
Dutch Poetess, Evangelist, World Traveler
AD. Saturday the 21st of April 2018
Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

Jakarta, Indonesia
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