Chance Or Choice? Poem by CeCe Lamberts

Chance Or Choice?

Rating: 3.7

Life is about chance
Life is about choice
What if I’m your chance
But you’re not my choice?

Things in life happen either by chance or by choice

When life’s chance
Brings you before a choice
Don’t take a chance
Listen to your inner voice

You’re my choice
My only choice
I go around in circles
And you’re still my choice

Met you by chance
And you were my choice
I was your chance
But why not your choice?

I make one step ahead
And two steps behind
Thought I was over you
But you’re still on my mind

(April 18,2007/Inspired by what my good friend Aashish Ameya had to say about life)

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 24 March 2012

Something is not right with this poem! Could someone explain? Thank you..

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Madly In Love 18 April 2007

Wow CeCe this is an amazing poem

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Aashish Ameya 19 April 2007

CeCe you wrote beautifully, just love this...and thank you very much for give a thought to my beliefs...

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Jonathan Robin 02 May 2007

C hance and Choice can coincide E mpowering emotive streams C hannelling empathy which seems E nergized as side by side L inks' stimulations undenied A dvance to tenderness that dreams M ay reinforce, on course, as gleams B eauty's truth, Truth's beauty - tide E nchanting, open, bona fide, R ecognized where two as team T aste harmony, tune into beam S erene, all conflict laid aside. CEntral aspirations shared CEments implicit joys prepared.

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Robert Beksinski 19 June 2007

Great poem, i enjoyed reading it.

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Jitesh Shah 24 March 2014

very nice poem and also read my poem

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Sally Plumb Plumb 24 March 2014

Absolutely brilliant.

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Jasbir Chatterjee 23 March 2014

i simply loved this poem...

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Stuart Kaler 23 March 2014

Very enjoyable - thank you......

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Mariam Daoud 23 March 2014

To Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi: I think there is something wrong with the poem too. I believe it is that the rhythm and choice of words are confusing. No Offense Cece Lamberts....0_0

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