He Crawled In Beside Me Poem by Raymond J Wright

He Crawled In Beside Me

Rating: 5.0

I cried, and
he told me to come.

“I love you.
And that Dogwood tree
on Penny Lane.
I love that too,
but I love you more.”
That’s all that I could say.

So he put me in bed and
He kissed me goodnight
Pulled the covers up
Shut off the light

Sometime while I slumbered
He crawled in beside me

Arms around me.
The joy of being loved.

Morning came
The scents of coffee
Toast and jam
Came to me
On the wings of gentle music

Serenading from the den

A smile
A wink
A hand across the table
Holds on to mine

... And I begin to heal.

Phillip Sawatzky 02 November 2006

A tender touch, I once had a friend like Bill, still do, and they are gold-when I think of the lovers I've had in my life, no one can compare. Thanks for your sharing, Phillip

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As serene and calming as the comfort of a friend, is this piece. Utterly charming. A fine tribute. t x

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Foster Blaine 13 October 2006

another good one. your style is uplifting. i love to start the day off with classical music. bill sounds like an angel, always good to keep them around f.b.

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Francesca Johnson 01 October 2006

Very deep and meaningful.....a lot left unsaid, but I'm glad you are healing, Raymond. Love, Fran xx ps, don't remember a dogwood tree on Penny Lane, just the loos which they have turned into a cafe, I think! ! Oh, and St Bart's.

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