He Drove All Night Poem by Raymond J Wright

He Drove All Night

Rating: 4.7

I awaken to the sound
Of morning music:
Your deep, soothing voice
Singing in the shower
Songs of spring
On this cold winter’s morn'

I lay awake - if only by degrees
Listening, cherishing, comforted by
These perfect, simple moments

In the early light of dawn
I see snowflakes begin to fall
Through the frosted window pane
The blizzard has just begun

I smell the cold air:
Fresh and crisp and clean,
Which you carried in
Upon your arrival

Now I hear you moving through the house
Soft, gentle... as not to wake
Firewood: crackling, popping –
I can almost feel the heat

Then you are here with me
Wrapping yourself around me,
Pulling me into you
Entwining your legs within mine
Kissing the back of my neck
As we both drift off to sleep

Moon Batchelder 04 November 2006

i feel the chill and smell the briskness and almost the warmth of loving nearness...breath upon the nape...your words truly bring one along..

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Malcolm Evison 17 November 2006

A beautiful write - a true celebration!

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Unnamed Unnamed 07 November 2006

Holy crap, I love this! Makes it even HARDER for me to wait to marry my bestfriend/girlfriend. I mean, the whole waking-up-and-hearing-her-voice thing is such a perfect...thing. You know? I'm adding this to my favorite-poems list. That makes you the only person on that list who is NOT someone famous!

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Francesca Johnson 07 November 2006

How wonderful. The thought of being with a loved one in front of a roaring fire on a cold, snowy morning (or better still, an evening) .....aahhh, I can but dream. This is a great write, Ray. Love, Fran xx

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m maarouf 04 November 2006

I love the way u described things in this poem. seriosly. nice job: D xxx shereen

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Atmospheric, serene, sensual, tender... a fine write. t x

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