With Or Without Poem by Raymond J Wright

With Or Without

Rating: 5.0

Equipped with nothing,
only pieces of my past.
I make my way across
my life a broken, beaten
man. And when the hell
are you coming back?
I never meant to hurt you
but, you know you hurt
me too, and you know I
can’t move on. This suitcase
of memories burdens me
with it’s questions, burdens
me with it’s weight. You
weight me down with your
innocence, like you weigh
me down with your lies.
And I would walk across
the sky for you, I would
give to you the stars. All
these pieces of my past
seem to hold me back,
seem to hold me down.
I stand here on the precipice
of something so divine,
with or without you now.
With or without everything
that I have ever known.

© 2001 Raymond J Wright

David Dennis 30 December 2006

This is an excellent poem - truly excellent. Somehow the contemplation of ending it all seems like a natural and honest consequence of what went before. No histrionics, no bitterness, so well crafted, - excellent.

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Excellent flow to this piece. Jam-packed with imagery. Finely composed. t x

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Brian Dorn 28 September 2006

Raymond, I like your 'suitcase of memories' line... it certainly personifies so many ended relationships. Great write! Brian

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