He Is The Way, The Truth And Life Poem by karen banks

He Is The Way, The Truth And Life

Jesus is the one who made me who I am today

all because everyday I get down just to pray

asking to forgive my sins and forget the past

so i get down everyday look at GOD and ask

if I am in trouble do i turn to you

then he looks at me and says of course you do

I gotta amit he is the one i need

it took me a while but now i see

that i could not go on without you in my life

so I'll give it to you and it will be alright


Daniel Warner 08 March 2012

This poem is very good.Very wonderful/spiritual, indeed. Many people will see how they should feel about God by reading this poem.-Warner

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Rick Adriolo 24 January 2012

I like this poem.. but not the way you think.. I Don't believe in a God that controls our life.. I believe everybody has to make it on there own.. and praying won't chance a thing.. But like I said: I like this poem.. And that is because I have very much respect for people that can believe the way you do.. and no mather what they will keep believing.. good job!

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