The Top A Very Loney Place Poem by karen banks

The Top A Very Loney Place

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i was rushin to get there but what i didnt know
the top is a place where not to many people go
it is very loney but i am happy i made it
but dont get me wrong im not trying to degrade it
did all i had to do but success is my reward
but now that im here i am very bored
i see the people below me and wonder when will they get here
some are not moving and some are very near
a very loney place indeed but im not complaining
ima keep doing good and the top is where im staying
its hard to get up here and not alot of people make it
im a very lucky girl and im very proud to say it
the top is very loney but i dont mind
i foucse on my work so i dont get behind

i made this poem up as i was typing
Neko Girl 17 April 2012

this is awesome you have a direct talent with your words you place them where u want them to go

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yeah, that's very true, but that is the only reason why it's called the top (because not everyone can reach there) and the new thing i liked was the expression of being alone there, with a few compadres. it's a good feeling being at the top, but it has it's rules too. good've written it nicely

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Allyson Ednie 16 April 2012

when you get to the top of one of life's mountains and you feel yourself alone and bored then the best advice I have ever heard is to look out at all the other mountains yet to be conquered. It'll keep you busy and certainly challenged for a very long time. Small critique: clean up the spelling....other than that it's a good write in a philosophical vein I found. Blessings and keep writing!

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Indira Babbellapati 16 April 2012

not to feel lonely upon reaching the top, one has to take people along the journey. when one wins the battle where every other is perished, is it a victory? give place to all urs n they're there to protect you from being lonely! i like ur spirit young lady!

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Aditi Khandelwal 16 April 2012

Being on top feels good but remember being too proud about it is not good... anyways nice poem... Aditi

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