Heart For One Poem by Haven Leonel

Heart For One

i like to write, i find it helps me sleep through the night.
even in my darkest times it can bring out the light
such as today, my day was not very bright
started off amazing then turned into a fight
i must be too blind to understand it
i ruin things all on my own, its starting to become a habbit
offer me riches and gold and ill just say that you can have it
all happiness inside this world, i'll honestly say i have it.
sadly today i hurt my girl, made a mistake, shes real mad at it
id go back to when i made it, just befor it happens grab it
hold it down, think long about it, lay it on the ground and stab it.
but stop....i swear if only you knew
that last thing id ever want to do, is upset or hurt you.
i want you to trust me with all of your heart
telling the truth should do that yet it pulled us apart.
i hope your still mine tho even then im still annoyed
your the only girl alive that could fill this emptyness, this void.
i want to tell you everything, even if it's good or bad
everything and anything, happy, angry, fun or sad.
im getting pretty tired, but one last thing befor im done
5 billion girls on earth yet ive only got a heart for one.
YOU....duh =P

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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