Higher Calling Poem by Haven Leonel

Higher Calling

100 thousand people, give or take a few I say
that’s how many people have their life taken away
just 100 thousand right? You think that’s nothing to fear?
More lives then that number are born every year.

Just wait...before you leave I beg you to stay
100 thousand is the number of lives lost each day
do I have your attention? I guess you caught on a bit late
I was part of that number before I learned to fight fate.

Yeah it’s true, I was actually dead.
No heartbeat or any thoughts in my head.
I don’t remember much of what the doctor had said
only that apparently I rose from my hospital bed.

I was just a little boy no older then seven;
I guess fate decided I was too young for heaven.
Believe it or not, it’s up to you to decide,
this is the story of how I came back to life.

I was six years old turning seven pretty soon
my dad was leaving with my new mom for their honeymoon
he had told my oldest sister Elesse to be careful and be smart
though following rules is something she had yet to start.

as dad left, that 10 year old girl decided to cook
she used what she remembered from an old recipe book
she grabbed a pot and filled it to the top with water
put it on the stove and watched it get hotter and hotter

my friend Andy and I were having fun playing in the kitchen
that was against the rules but like my sister I didn’t listen
Elesse had picked up the pot and walked over to the sink
she made it too hot and decided to stop and think

Andy and I were behind a corner where she couldn’t see
when I came around she slipped and tipped the pot over me
I opened my mouth about to scream so loud
the pain was so bad now that not a sound came out

I fell to the floor and stumbled through the kitchen door
it was at that time that the whole block heard my roar
the pain was unbearable and to understand how much it hurt
my sister saw me use my hands to literally tear apart my shirt

I ran to the back and jumped in the pool to cool myself down
My skin was so hot you could actually hear a sizzling sound
Andy had called my dad and in seconds he was there
He picked me up softly yet made my fragile skin tear

I bled like crazy as my dad rushed me to the hospital
He drove so fast you could smell the engines hot metal
He was chased by 2 police and later pulled to the side
The police surrounded the car and saw me then offered a ride

When I arrived I absorbed everyone’s attention
Other patients where there first but I was an exception
I was something that the doctor had never seen before
It was such a sight that he gagged and threw up on the floor

They gave me an I.V. to put me straight to sleep
It worked so well it had stopped my heartbeat.
For what ever reason they couldn’t see
The medicine meant to help had unfortunately killed me.

I had lost 60% of my water and lost too much blood
They tried everything they had and did everything they could.
12 minutes into it they almost said their goodbyes
Until they looked at me to see that I had opened my eyes.

I didn’t cry, in fact I didn’t make a sound
I sat up in the bed and started looking around
I remember all of these doctors staring at me
I didn’t feel any pain; in fact I couldn’t feel anything.

They told me that I smiled at them then passed out
They knew from then on I was a fighter and not one to doubt
I was alive again, death was nothing to fear
I was given a second chance to accomplish something here.

I don’t why I survived I don’t know why I’m alive
It was as if I could feel a higher calling deep inside
My doctor said I should be dead but I god gave me back my soul
I believe I live today to accomplish a certain goal

Every since that day I try to be the best I can be
I’ll be what I’ve set out to be without a doubt undoubtedly.

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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