Haven Leonel - My Shattered Heart Poem by Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel - My Shattered Heart

I hate it when a girl just doesn't have a clue,
like you try to give her hints but she cant understand you.
She'll say I love you, and you'll say I love you too,
but she'll never understand how much you really do.

Or how about when that girl is like 'hey whats the matter? '.
The truth is that your hurt and your hearts been shattered,
like you tore out your heart and served it on a silver platter,
then saw her tear it up and had to watched the blood splatter.

You feel like crying and screaming so loud that your lungs bleed.
You want to tell her so bad that shes the only girl you need,
but instead you brush it off and say that your fine,
and like a fool she believes you and cant tell that your lying.

It really sucks when a girl cant tell she hurt you.
She'll just think your sick or tired, but if only she knew,
that every time you say your okay, your being less than true,
because you know your in love, just not convinced she is too.

Sometimes its hard for me to say those three special words,
when I try to say 'i love you' I get so nervous my speech is slurred,
I start spazzing out, my knees shake and my vision gets blurred,
then when I finally say it to you my voice is unheard.

It breaks my heart to see how fast a girl can move on.
You can be her everything, then the next day the feeling is gone.
You can be her hero but then she can fall for some other guy,
then to him its 'i love you' and to you its 'goodbye'.

Its sad how now its 'you and him' when it was 'you and I'.
Yet still you wonder why I wish he would die.
It's pathetic that for some reason you still cannot see,
that before he came along it was just you and me.

You then get mad and say that everything is still the same.
You tell me 'you and I are still close, and that will not change',
but I'm not stupid, I can see I'll just be in your way.
So in the end I will lose you no matter what I do or say.

You made me feel like flying but now I feel lower then low.
It's because I know now sooner or later I'll have to let you go.
This choice is killing me inside and it hurts more then you know.
It's getting harder everyday not to let this pain of mine show.

You ask me to tell you how I feel but its too hard to say,
I just don't think I can take this torture every day,
but when I feel like leaving, you say I should stay,
yet without even knowing It's you that's pushing me away.

Do I really need to tell you that or cant you just guess.
Haven't you noticed that each day we talk a little less?
Cant you hear that I'm hurt and filled to the top with stress?
Cant you see that without you my life is a mess?

It hurts hearing you say 'your not gonna lose me'
because I wish that were true but I disagree.
I can tell that in so many ways I already did.
your just so different now then when you were a kid.

I know that hearing this might be making you sad,
but truth be told you actually haven't done anything bad.
Your growing up but also out growing me.
I just cant let you go but I know you need to be free.

Before I end this and turn around to walk away,
there is one last thing I feel I need to say.
you mean the world to me and that's more then 'a lot'
I love you with all of my heart and all that I got.

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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