Lifeless Poem by Haven Leonel


I'm going to give you all a little piece of advice.
I'm just telling this to all of you to be nice.
Next time you want to start drama, you need to think twice.
Remember that the things you do or say may come with a price.

Lies are the number one reason why drama ignites,
to cause problems, anger, destruction and fights.
People who love to start drama are colder then ice.
They're the kind of liars who can't even look you in the eyes.

They're afraid you'll see right through them and through all of their lies.
It's hard to sleep when you know you're the person that nobody likes
The thought of it haunts them to where it's hard for them to shut off the lights.
So they talk bad about others to help them sleep through the nights.

What they don't know is while they sleep, another stays up and cries.
Hurting others to help yourself is something I simply despise.
Did you know the smallest lies can ruin people's lives?
To be more precise, a lie can hurt like a thousand knives.

Before you know it that person is alone with a rope making knots and ties.
Writing letters to friends and family giving out their last goodbyes
Rapping the rope around a branch, standing on a chair looking to the sky
Their calm and ready now, their heart beats slow and their tears are now dry.

They close their eyes, their neck is tied, they lean the chair, let out a sigh,
The chair falls, the rope is tight, they gasp for air, shake, blackout and die.
Its your fault and its too late to ask yourself about what if and why
Its over now, you cant go back no matter how hard you try.

See what could happen because of one rumor? One lie?
Don't let it go that far, don't hurt others, be smarter and more wise
Like I said, next time you want to start drama....think twice.

Haven Leonel

Haven Leonel

West palm beach
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