Heart Of Stone Poem by Orlando Belo

Heart Of Stone

This modern-day pop singer,
sings of a love so strong,
but his own life tells a different story
of a love that went, so wrong.

As a handsome young man, he was a Romeo,
and he desired and loved many women.
But one special day he fell passionately in love,
with a woman more experienced than him.

She played him like a maestro at a piano,
sometimes hard, then soft, then sweet.
Other times she was moody, mean, and spiteful,
he was a rug beneath her feet.

As the eventful lively weeks passed by,
she grew tired of this boring game.
She told her toy that she had a new love,
who drove her madly insane.

She teased and described her encounters,
and told him she could no longer stay.
Her new lover hungered for her presence
and desired her night and day.

Later that day she walked out of his life,
and he searched for her in vain.
She could not be found anywhere,
and he never saw her again.

He never recovered from the loss of his love,
she had left him broken-hearted and alone.
No other woman could entice him back to love.
He was left with a heart of stone.

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