An English Country Garden Poem by Orlando Belo

An English Country Garden

Rating: 5.0

Sitting alone in the country garden of cottage 82,
on this July day, with the sun shining through.
Watching the dandelion seeds, as they are wafted up high,
and just observing nature, as the day passes by.

A magpie lands on a neighbour's weathered slates,
while a horse can be seen as it trots by the gates.
The bees are busy again visiting the flowers in bloom
whilst a dragonfly flits by, as the time approaches noon.

The sun's gradual movement is taking the shade away.
Afternoon has arrived, as a welcome drink comes my way.
A light wind is refreshing, as it kisses my uncovered knees,
and the trees respond by dancing along with the breeze.

The crows have decided to disturb the usual peace and quiet,
squabbling over who gets first choice with their afternoon diet.
A woodpigeon calls out from next door's huge chestnut tree,
two more guests arrive, and together they coo in harmony.

Dr. M. Asim Nehal 13 December 2021

Great imagery, I happened to be in UK in Aug 2021 till Nov and I have seen things which you mentioned. Fantastic poem.5****

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David Wood 12 December 2021

Very visual write, I could picture the entire scene. Well done.

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Jayne Davies 12 December 2021

Lovely read x Well done!

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