Uncertainty Poems: 452 / 500


Rating: 5.0

Even Einstein couldn't handle the idea of
quantum mechanics, it was too radical,
after all, there was the comfort of that Newton,
a fine scholar who believed in predictability.
Now, this Heisenberg fellow, brash, quick,
devoid of a modicum of respect for tradition,
giving birth to the Uncertainty Principle.
Thus, space and time lose their historic distinction,
we can no longer predict the outcome of events.
So, right you are Heisenberg, atoms do, indeed
exist everywhere at once, but how could they,
focus your eyes upon particle matter and wonder,
dropp it and observe only a portion to reach the ground,
you must weep at the loss of this certainty, no?
So, we look toward the collective universe,
desire to understand the wisdom of an innate spirit,
the reasoning of a universal intelligence,
and all this must be possible without the acceptance,
without a sliver of an acknowledgment of God,
who would, if he existed at all, take from us
and from all living beings, from the lifeless pebbles
and the imaginary laws of physics and mathematics
once and for all, the principle of uncertainty.

Glen Shorts 11 May 2006

Superstrings... wither Susskind and the Anthropic Prinicple goes Dutch or the universe refuses to play, mostly it is dark matter, aye?

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Gina Onyemaechi 13 March 2006

Masterly argument, woven flowingly and entrancingly. Deep, probing, enjoyable reading. Warm regards, Gina.

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