Her Story Poem by Amber Piercy

Her Story

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Her Story

Prompt: The Tapestry Of Her Life.

Dedicated to my mother for Mother's Day 2024... I love you to the moon and back woman. I would not be who I am without your love and guidance. So thank you so much for being a wonderful mother!

You began to weave the fabric
What feels like a lifetime ago
With every color you pick
The imagery starts to grow

You sew every delicate stitch
With your nimble hands
Your fingers rise with every pitch
Her tapestry expands

You delicately guide the thread
With the purest of hearts
You place a crown of flowers on my head
To show me how love starts

You weave laughter inside the cloth
As well as joy and pain
The light in the attic is off
So we can watch the gentle rain

You paint my eyes brown
Adding just a pinch of beauty
Memories get thrown around
Inside her tapestry

The one you created long ago
The one that holds her story
Your love starts to show
As you recall every glory

Piece by piece you create me
into this beautiful person I have become
With open eyes I see
That life's tapestry has just begun

A.D. Small
May 12,2024

Savita Tyagi 12 May 2024

Happy Mother's day. a pleasure to read your poem.

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