To Suffocate Poem by Amber Piercy

To Suffocate

Rating: 4.7

To Suffocate

If I could turn back the time when clock's stopped
I feel like I'd be able to put the pieces back together like I was on top
To let you go and move on makes it hard to inhale
Like using all your might to grab a hold of something that's gone stale
I will remember your presence it was strong here
You had a way of making things move with only one gear
Like glue on ivory you held things together
You'd be able to light a candle with a wet match you were very clever
Time moves slow now like a ant down a hill
Echoes of laughter now stand still
The beings that use to exist now feel small
The sorrows that ponder carry me down the hall
I wanted to tell you to be strong but I was scared
I wanted to scream at you to fight but I just stared
The words bottled within but they did not fall out of my lips
But they just lay dying like cold fingertips
I was sad and weak and broken
The words died inside of me uttered but not spoken
I always beat myself up over the bruises in life
Just a sad little girl staring at a kitchen knife
I want to be like the person you was a long time ago
Before life took over and became a shit show
But still I push forward and only the lord knows why
And still I sit with the thoughts that eat me alive
Because one day I know I'll surpass the hate that breaks me
Then maybe dear Jesus I'll be free

A.D. Small
November 18,2018

Thursday, June 9, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: sadness,loss,grief,despair,feelings,emotions,guilt,death,life,reflections,sorrow
Mark Heathcote 25 June 2022

Some well worked lines said from the heart quite matter-of-factly show's promise.

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Amber Piercy 13 June 2022

Thank you guys for liking my work i greatly appreciate it

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Dr Dillip K Swain 09 June 2022

A poignant poem...I liked the powerful expression....Top score.

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Love and break up, of course, is an ordinary melancholy theme. What makes it different and extraordinary is your unique poetic talent, Amber. Great poetry!

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Amber Piercy 11 July 2022

Thank you guys for your comments you guys are amazing. Im glad you liked my poem. Have a great day.

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