Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 553 Points (22 September / London)

Heraclitus And Heraclita 1358 - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Heraclitus, spendthrift flitter,
met his sister's baby sitter,
titty Kitty Heraclita,
title tailor made to fit ‘er.
Heraclitus, every bit a
witty wiccan tenor twitter,
swift suggested time to fritter
bliss Miss kissin' in her a clit ah!

Heraclita strummed her sitar,
first got jitters then it hit her
heart. Imagine eyes aglitter,
as her soul - relay transmitter -
anticipated kids, a litter,
each with collar, leash for critter
to accompany tears titter.

Heraclita, pulse a pitter-
pat sat pat (cool baby-sitter
must ever, clever, field heart hitter,
hotty not a sot or pita.)
She wondered if she should commit her
self or from the scene swift skitter
when Cupid struck by luck and smit her,
she really never knew what hit her!

Heraclitus, hardly quitter,
added wonder words, to wit a
verse to woo with wit to knit her
to his hand, were she submitter.
Crafted sonnet from a kit, a
tender signal did transmit her,
carrot carat ring remit her,
said her life he'd ne'er embitter,

Dazzled by the thoughts that lit her,
Heraclita, nothing fitter,
judged him first a cheeky critter,
felt him after chance to split her
self from past to fairer iter.
Thought of girlfriends' chatter chitter.
said with wit she'd be his knitter,
thought of trousseau she should knit ‘er.

After sharing pints of bitter
they filled forms for a permit, a
special licence, and, on twitter
shared what seemed a constant titter,
gaily laughing, she'd admit a
scorn for doubting Tom Fencesitter,
dived headlong into love's glitter
zest unlimited, sidesplitter.

Heraclitus, ne'er omitter,
said he'd be her kids' transmitter.
mocked Time's threat of flotsam litter,
by successive sibling litter.
Heraclitus, Heraclita,
tied the knot, swore they'd outfit a
future generation fitter
free from bicker, envy, jitter.

(21 March 2013)

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