Hero For Today Poem by John Mccudden

Hero For Today

Rating: 5.0

They build him up a saviour they say
He will change the world change it today
He is the man with a master plan
He dose things no others can

The people gather singing and clapping hands
Look at the saviour how tall he stands
Make him president or king
He will save the world he can do anything

Time has passed and the clapping has stopped
One more hero just another flop

Think of heroes from the past
Think how long their popularity last
Think of Jesus and how he came to pass
Think of others how long did they last

Invisible men using people as pawns
Never blamed for the evil they spawn
Hiding in shadows money to earn
Won’t the people ever learn?
Buying people for the price of fame
Invisible men playing their money games

Remember the saviour of today
What price will he have to pay?
The saviour standing for what he believes
The invisible men will say when he leaves

And what about the history books
In the future how will he look?
Well this I will leave up to you
Unless the invisible men have bought you to.

Amber Roser 04 October 2009

Hear, hear. More of what Marie and Jim say! ! Another superbly written piece John that i connect with wholeheartedly. Thank-you.10+

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Jim Norausky 22 January 2009

John, This is such an insightful and powerful poem about the frailities of our system and the people who are chosen to lead. Corruption is such a big problem everywhere. The world is getting more complex and it is difficult for any one leader to be successful, even if totally honest. Well done. Thanks. Jim

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