Hey Lady, My Illuminated Lamp! Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

Hey Lady, My Illuminated Lamp!

Rating: 4.8

Hey lady, my illuminated lamp,
Do you remember me today?
As I still wander in the dawn
When the sun with its crimson rays
Turns me on,
And how I still stand on the rooftop,
With eager eyes
To have a look at you just for once
My visions bright, shining for you.

Hey Lady, my illuminated lamp,
Do you still feel my joy
When I search for your eyes
In the illuminated lights
Of the festival times,
But the brightest ones are those
Of the lamp I die for?

Hey lady, my illuminated lamp,
Were you destined to forget?
The touch of my rough hands
As we crossed the streets together
Every day and night
In my wildest dreams?

Hey lady, my illuminated lamp,
I long for your touch
Still today, without any hesitation,
Look for the colourful pictures you painted,
And scripted our destiny
Those made us stay far apart,
And miles and miles away,
With my heart beating
Every minute and second,
For you, for your smiles,
For your laughs, for your anger
For your attention, for your expression
With raindrops in my eyes..
I still dream, on and on …

Copyright © 2013 Indranil Bhaduri

Atasi Das 01 October 2016

The heart beats for such love and romanticism.. touching life raw

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Payal Parande 31 July 2013

though i am not fond of romance but i couldn't help but smile all the way through while reading this piece... thats how your beautiful words work sir bravo

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Kavya . 08 July 2013

can sense the depth of love n passion to retrieve the lost love in your poem, , , a good write

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Survi Sharma 22 June 2013

nice title and great poem motivational write being one of my fav

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Gajanan Mishra 19 January 2013

I still dream on and on. good one, thanks.

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