Journey Poem by Indranil Bhaduri


Rating: 5.0

I travelled across the rocky paths
The roads underneath crisscross,
My time flew fast and did not last
It rolled like a stone with no moss.

I sailed my boat through the streams of dreams,
The sun shone over my head,
The rainbows of hue had turned the soul new
And the wishes thus waited to be read.

I cried, I tried, to bring on the light
To the dark clouds enshrouding the sun,
My every little tear had brought me so near
Thus gaining the strength for the run..

My thoughts and the charm which caused no harm
Had put my sole journey straight,
The pains gone through had dragged me to a new
Blue horizon to view, off late..

My life is gay, my mind astray,
I sing the lullaby of love-
My heart lives on, with the black shades gone
And flies like a lovely white dove..

Copyright © 2012 Indranil Bhaduri

Naseeru Taneemu Annuree 14 August 2012

Wow! ! This is amazing. Do you knw what? The young should read this poem to learnt how to keep on going even in the face of apparent danger! This poem literally, seek to show that no condition is permanent, and that life is a two road journey that we must pass through...... Weldone! !

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Bob Brown 05 August 2012

Beautiful rhymes.Journey through the rough roads to engulf your soul and fly!

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Tamara Puyear 24 July 2013

very great flow in this poem, .. constant and clear feeling. thank you

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Rituparna Sen 15 July 2013

A lovely journey..great composition, simple but true.

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Rumi Roy 05 December 2012

Inspiring write with lovely rhyming. Thank you poet for including us in the journey.

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Ketan Hukare 23 September 2012

Man, your magical words make me dance Nice work indeed

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Catherine Agunat 20 September 2012

Awesome! ! ! A poem courage and inspiration.

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