Hi, How're You Poem by Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe

Hi, How're You

This is how the convo started

I said; Hi, How are you?
This is something here that I've got to ask you

See I'm tryina get a taste
of your service
And I do not mean
the church service
But I hear you got works worthy of praise
Worthy to raise
a lasting relationship
Of the Almighty's authorship
That's only attended by angels

That this is the way into the future
And I might just sail away with a suitor
Lest my efforts prove futile
Wait 'till I tell this to Musa,

That this is where miracles are built up
And you are that hot babe up on the runway with a babe on the way
Which was the second thing I noticed by the way -

The smile was the first
And she smiled at Thefir5t
To smile as a first gesture is how her training is set
Expectant; I asked for a range
And I felt slow
Er, no¡! I felt my world move slow
As she rattled on prices not all small

I stood with one ear to the sound of soothing music soft 'n slow
One intent on her smooth voice so sweet and swell
This is something sweet
And I must get more than just a taste
So how about a Big bite?
Or two, for two?

I cracked open my shirt to show her my pack
I mean I cracked a joke on how she mis-matched products and packages
Made use of mental psychology
As I dove deeper into this untimely analogy
Pompi knows best that nzelu ni mu packaging

She laughed and its sound was sweeter than the music from the PA
If Victor was there he'd have nudged me to behave
Well, he wasn't so this was Welcome to my sunny day...

But I wasn't gonna let her have me easily
So I made myself busy
With an excuse that I will look around town and be back
She saw through that lie as easily as white from black -
I guess it was as visible as the tear in the veil
And I was staring at Kahlan Amnell

Are our prices too much for you? She asked
No, they're fine (like you) but blah blah blah and...
I left, taking a deep breath out in the street
That memory has been served in a moment
If you haven't heard it just tweet
And hope for the next time we meet

Which wasn't that long cause I just walked round Findeco and I was back
And she had the I-knew-you'd-be-back-here face
I never liked them in any other size or shape
But I was curious to see how strong a bond our words could lace

Did you find what you were looking for? She scrutinized
As a smile played its way on the edges of her raspberry lips
Threaded like scarlet; the source of a comely speech
And I knew I was in the right place
But this was the wrong moment
And in it there will be no satiety -

In the meantime she wanted me to take a sit.
I considered this.
Watching her serve with chumming wit
Switching the air from glum to bliss

I'm pretty sure she wanted us to crush
Oops! That came out wrong
She wanted us to crush
With Phiri, Me and half a dozen of her other customers on the bench
To fall in line, in a rush
I wondered if he might be her significant other
'Till he picked up his order

All this while she kept an eye on me
She would never let any other attend to me
And I could tell that she could carry the weight of two
'Cause she chatted me up through as she served others
And I awaited my turn
To approach the altar and her majesty the Queen

Would you believe?
She did all this while carrying a bountiful bundle of Joy
She has a heart full of love that pours and engulfs;
Strengthens and rebukes
Budding into the most wondrous experience
Not any man is worthy to bathe in her presence

I didn't bother checking her finger to see if this was a rocky situation
I won't even switch to citation
And to subtly mention

This may sound corny
And probably get me kicked in the shin
And punched
In the gut
But I'm almost entirely sure that Joy wasn't delivered that March
Let me not confuse you so much

'Cause once she'd laid claim that my name is a command
Not cupid's dart
writing initials in the sand -
Something we never agreed on -
It was time for me to move on;
Down Cairo where I did roam
Replaying our conversation
As I went home

And I recalled
I spent an hour and a half talking to her
With mostly her talking to me
And I forgot to ask her name...



© 2019 - Smiley NTK Thefir5t

Hi, How're You
Thursday, March 14, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: woman
One of The women I'd like to appreciate, Mwila.
She showed me just how far a positive attitude toward what one loves to do can contribute. No matter what. Aside from that, I pray Joy will grow to be just like her mother.
I hope I don't get jumped for this. Heheheh!

~ Kondwelani
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