How Hot (For Hot Fm Zambia) Poem by Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe

How Hot (For Hot Fm Zambia)

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Shall I compare you to a summer's day...
Yes, for as long as the tropic's this way
And surely I say on this blessed day
Look this way...

Wait -
As I frequence-ly state
Eight, seven, give us! your number I add a dot
Seven, cause you are surely hot
Serving dishes of hit music dished out from the deck pot
You know the sort
You know it's hot

Gotta hit 'em right up on that hot-line Bling
Elevate ya, motivate ya, Banda
Higher temperature
Just check the weather

As you savor the Flavor from your speaker
So you gat that Katala licking your hide like outta something bigger;

It's tough
To any other thinking you ain't hot enough
Tellem they're hot in half
To compare to ya graff crew
That's gonna Smash you up in those Jim suits for K, okay

Swap, oh that's from higher up
Never drop, just never stop
And Keep up
Honey, honey, How you thrill me, aha, honey, honey
Honey, honey, Do you feel me Honey, honey

Now listen, all
Cause I'm cruisin' outta control
Jivin' to the show;
Slow? No
Cause I'm a Stallion outta the door in black attire
No I'm not going banging on Zacha's dough
Cause I'm jammin' this outta my home
Louder, try it on ya own

Now I know dem bad gals gon' call me a Bad Bwoy
Tea is steaming na Muka ka Mako
Maka-maka nikavala mukame wako
The best Cup with a Cake on the side nachaya kamboyo
I mean four though
I Hope sani fela Chi gelo wako

Ndaba mmhmm Theresa
Nikukonda Theresa

Don't read me off Lungowe
Kaya ngati anileke amama we
Paku Ketura ketulira gelo wina ne
Ndine Jeka mufella ne

Now please don't kill my vibe in this
Cause I missed a few name chains in Links
But it's certainly a good Mix
Wouldn't you agree with me?

© Smiley NTK Thefir5t 2017

Saturday, February 3, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Chinedu Dike 03 February 2018

Am not a song composer, but when I hear or read a sonorous music I really enjoy it. Lovely piece embellished in beautiful poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing Kondwelani and stay enriched.

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Jazib Kamalvi 03 February 2018

A fine start with a nice poem, Kondwelani. You may like to read my poem, Poem Hunter. Thanks

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