The Seventh Letter #mcl 7 Poem by Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe

The Seventh Letter #mcl 7


Let me tell you a story
The one with a hero or a heroine
And at its peak ends in glory-
I know oftentimes you expect one from me
So I say sorry

'Cause most of my stories,
To me
Telling you seem somewhat boring
Maybe they may be un-appealing
But you never know without trying;
Speaking and hearing

I like telling stories that the listener
And I, the teller
Will find, in the end, satisfying
But that's not
What always is
I've learnt that
It's more a matter of communicating meaning
To what I believe in

Yes, I've heard your complaining
Well - talking of my lack of story-telling
And it hurts me
That my lover in love expects me to act
And for that to happen she always has to ask me
Maybe it's just me
But I gotta do what I can to make you again trust me

Let me borrow George's words to help express the words I have
My love is your love
That is what I have

I get it that you asked me for a pony, I said no
Besides not having a stable
I know that was a joke

I get it that you asked me to pray for you
And I promised to
But I didn't do until you -

That was before you left
And I got left
With thoughts bereft of
With no proper goodbyes
And through our ties
You were off to school
for another three months
And the letters I sent you didn't respond to
I forgave you

Look, I love you
And I can't help but worry about you
You, I can't bear to lose

But let's not dwell on gloom
It might cause us fume
And char all around me and you
Because you are a cheery, beautiful flower,
My orchid

That I have seen grow and now bloom
with your lovely presence filling the room

That is why when I am with you,
I find myself smiling for no particular reason most of the time
For that I need no reason to do
That is one thing that will last seasons over time

You know at times I get out of line in your presence
And the essence of my speech
is under depressants
I know that you wonder what's the case
when I suddenly look to space
and turn to silence
But I want you to know
That my love for you still grows
And roars louder than the chatter at the marketplace

I remember the first time you were introduced to poetry
the excitement you had when you wanted to tell it me
the laughter
We had about it after
The eagerness you held to first tell me

You came running from school
Startling I and my brother too
Screaming my name 'cause you
I mean I share a great bond with you
That goes beyond the school
And I don't know what I ever did to deserve you

I remember I promised to sing you a song
I hope this is better
'Cause this is more than just a letter

So God bless you, us
And all who're around us

P.S: I didn't ask Catherine out
Nor B...

Yours Always, Rashid.

© My Confessional Letters - Smiley NTK Thefir5t
January 10th,2018

Friday, June 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: family,love
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