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Born Kondwelani Nguluwe on December 5,1994, in Zambia's Lusaka city, Smiley NTK Thefir5t (or simply Smiley Thefir5t) is a multi-faceted Artist, proficient in Spoken Word Poetry, Singing/Song Writing, Acting/Directing/Script-writing, among others. He is a keen artist who loves to explore and experiment in different avenues of art (different styl ...

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05 March 2018

We have rappers; those who rap, and then we lapper; ... they who who think they can rap but lap behind.

08 March 2018

Days like these do not exist only for us to partake and then forget the rest of the days. They exist as a reminder for us to always remember our responsibility in society.

08 March 2018

It is better to try and fail, than fail to try... And when you do try and fail, try again. Creation was not completed in a day.

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The Best Poem Of Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe

The First Letter #mcl 1

Dear Namz,

I don't know if you've noticed
And I don't know how best to say this, but

From time to time when i look at you
My mind wanders
To a place unknown
Just like a tyre blown...

The air rushes out
The tyre's flat and I don't know if it will even start

Now, before you came in I could walk around
Talk aloud and yes I could laugh out loud
But, when you came in I was like Lot's wife
When I turned around...
I froze

Maybe I should pay the price
Or maybe twice
Cause your presence makes me freeze
I cannot rise
To get the prize

Cause I froze...
What more could justify this cause.

Yours Admiringly,

© #MyConfessionalLetters
The First Letter - Smiley NTK Thefir5t

March 30th,2014.

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Kondwelani Tembo Nguluwe Popularity

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